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How safe are your assets? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

How would you feel if everything you’ve worked for was lost? 

The majority of business owners unknowingly have their assets exposed and risk losing their wealth. This is because they have not been advised on how to structure their assets so they are protected in the event of misfortune.

Protecting assets against frivolous creditors is increasingly becoming a common concern, prompting many Australians to look into reliable asset protection strategies. 

What is asset protection

Asset protection involves putting your assets out of the reach of creditors. 

At Makari & Co, we keep abreast of the latest changes to legislation and help our clients to:

  • maximize the protection of their assets;
  • ensure their assets are owned in the most appropriate structure;
  • build a wall between their business and personal assets;
  • gain the maximum protection in a tax effective vehicle;

Schedule a time to talk to a Tax Effective Trust and Asset Protection Specialist who can help you by booking your initial consultation with Makari & Co. 

Who we help

Makari & Co. financial professionals draw on technical and industry expertise to provide invaluable asset protection to corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, medical industry professionals and owner-managed businesses (including high net worth individuals).