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Business Structuring – Tread Carefully!

Makari & Co. has assembled a team of dedicated tax professionals who are focused on the many important things to consider when it comes to the structuring of a business. 

The structure impacts on not only the business but the owners as well. The types of entities employed and the ownership of those entities can have far-reaching implications that extend beyond just income tax. Those implications include stamp duty, capital gains tax and asset protection, to name just a few.

The Makari & Co. consultants will advise on the entity and ownership structure that would best fit with your business plan and vision as well as your personal goals and objectives.

We will provide access to the support and knowledge you need to structure your business correctly and take your wealth creation to a whole new level.

Who we help

Makari & Co. financial professionals draw on technical and industry expertise to provide invaluable structuring advice and solutions to corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, medical industry professionals and owner-managed businesses (including high net worth individuals).

We work with our private clients to design a strategic roadmap that helps achieve their financial goals and life objectives.