Estate Planning Consultant Parramatta


Simply having a will in place does not ensure the preservation of your hard-earned wealth.

Estate and succession planning involves developing a robust strategy to keep your assets and investments in the right hands when you pass away.

Makari & Co will provide specialist Estate Strategies that includes your will, enduring power of attorney and enduring medical guardianship as well as superannuation and binding death nominations. This will enable peace of mind so you know your estate will be handled in a considered and cost-effective way that is aligned with your wishes.

Why establish an estate plan?

A proper estate plan will protect your assets and ensure your wealth is transferred smoothly and tax effectively, so your assets are passed on to your beneficiaries in the most effective way.

Our estate planning strategy includes solutions such as:

  • Estate planning strategy, focusing on asset and family protection
  • Detailed understanding of corporate and family trust structures
  • Advice regarding intergenerational transfer of wealth to successors
  • Understanding of how to implement testamentary trusts or bloodline trusts to protect family wealth and minimise taxation and duty implications
  • Minimising the effect of capital gains tax on the bequest

It’s never the wrong time to make a plan for the future of your assets and your family. Book your initial consultation with Makari & Co today.